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FoodaFit LLC

Strategic, Simple and Suitable approach to food & fitness


FoodaFit LLC is all about smart eating and smart fitness.  We have developed a holistic system called FoodaFit System to help our members, especially mature adults, to achieve weight management and sustainable healthy lifestyle, to be fit and feel good.   

FoodaFit system is a holistic and effective approach to weight management and healthy life style.  FoodaFit offers “5+5” stepped approaches to achieve healthy eating and smart way of doing fitness. 

About Us

Our founder is a caring and devoted food and fitness professional focused on improving lifestyles of women and families. She has worked in the food and wellness industry for 20+ years and enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for food, nutrition and fitness. 

Not just she has bundle of knowledge about food and nutrition, she is also a fitness enthusiast and teaches smart fitness classes.  She earned her Master of Science degree in Food Science & Nutrition from the University of Minnesota, and certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer from NCAA accredited institution.


Membership & Schedule

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Our facility is suitable for boutique fitness classes and food/nutrition/cooking classes