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Strategic, Simple and Suitable approach to food & fitness

Strategic, Simple and Suitable approach to food & fitness

Strategic, Simple and Suitable approach to food & fitnessStrategic, Simple and Suitable approach to food & fitnessStrategic, Simple and Suitable approach to food & fitness


—From Dr. Yu 6/2/19–

As a newcomer to the group, I would like to provide some unsolicited feedback and talk about my feelings of the trial class yesterday! My first feeling was that coach Suzy’s body is really impressive, especially after three baby. . .  A lot of American trainers have muscles, and many of the trainers in China are too thin like a bamboo stick. Give me a big encouragement for the lost soul that I just can't get back. The second feeling was that it can be seen that coach Suzy did spend a lot of time scientifically studied the exercise physiology and metabolism. This is very special. The other trainers I have encountered are generally based on the general science. (This comment comes from a PostDoc that has been studied metabolism for several years but cannot put into practice herself). The third feeling was that coach Suzy’s class is very suitable for beginners who has not exercised for a long time.  Impact is not very big, but it can teach you the right way to exercise. This is way too important. Finally, I am very much looking forward to the part about eating. This is definitely the shortcoming for me as a casual eater.

---Replied by coach Suzy--- I know that you as a CU's adjunct professor has done a lot of research on metabolism, food sensory, and obesity. I hope that we can learn from each other. You are right, I did spend a lot of time before and after the certification of personal fitness, pondering the "fitness physiology" to find a fitness method suitable for the physiological conditions of 40+ women. With my background of food nutrition research, I have been working to find out the right way to eat and exercise suitable for 40+ women. My personal experience has gained me more understanding about food and fitness: I didn't like exercise, I didn't know how to exercise, I didn't have the perseverance to workout, my job was very demanding and I had little sleep. After the twins were born, my belly was slack. In the past two years, I have tested various food and fitness methods, found some really effective approaches, and achieved significant results. The car accident in February put me back for half a year, so I have new motives to practice with everyone. I want to use the FoodaFit Club to give other moms a platform to exchange food and fitness ideas. I also want moms to try out the “5+5” step-by-step food and fitness to find a food and fitness approach that suits them. Our FoodaFit emphasizes “establishing a viable goal, developing a suitable food and fitness strategy for individuals, focusing on reducing fat and building muscles and creating an environment that encourages mutual support.” The fee is charged because research shows that payment is more important for individuals to promote self-discipline and better achieve fitness goals. 


---From Julie 7/4/19---

I have always envied everyone to work with coach Suzy at GWCA on Sundays. Learned that coach Suzy’s “FoodaFit Summer Club” is in DTC, and I’ve been practicing with coach Suzy every week since the beginning of June. I have practiced five times in total, my waist has been reduced by five inches, and my weight has dropped 4 pounds. I have basically not practiced at home, and the calories I eat are similar to before, and I eat everything, so I am very satisfied with this effect! I really appreciate the help of coach Suzy. Coach S is very patient, not push, just keep encouraging, preaching and teaching, people feel very comfortable, no pressure, only motivation! Persistence is victory!


—-From Fawn 7/15/2019—

I have been trained twice with coach Suzy, and I feel deeply. First of all, coach Suzy’s own body and physical strength are admirable! I feel that if an entrepreneur falls in love with fitness, there is no other person can compete. The teaching method of coach Zeng made me very moved. She had the right combination of encouragement and pushes. I as a person who has no fitness foundation and no athletic talent, I can comfortably follow the coach for an hour and a half, challenge myself, and finally learn the relaxed muscles with the coach. I really feel the fitness impact to my body and the joy of workout. Sincerely thank coach Suzy! I speak here whole-heartily. I hope that other women with fitness aspirations should not miss a fitness teacher and fitness partner like coach Suzy!